A MIXTURE of sentences and trials are scheduled to be held at Worcester Crown Court today.

On the list in court room 1 is Samuel Walker for a trial, David Chatfield for a sentence and James Moran for a plea and trial preparation hearing.

In court room 3 Kavan Irvine is set to appear for a trial scheduled for three days.

Simon Edge is also listed to appear for a plea and trial preparation hearing, while Robert Turner is scheduled to appear this afternoon.

The murder trial involving Faisal Faisal and Mohammed Hussain, that began yesterday in front of Judge James Burbidge QC, the Recorder of Worcester, who is the city's most senior judge, was adjourned on Monday, and is scheduled to resume tomorrow.

Not all cases that appear on the list are of interest to the public or press. They include bail applications, administrative hearings and mentions.

One of the courts, court room 2, is remote which means parties including barristers and defendants appear over videolink rather than in person. Many of court room 2 cases are administrative hearings.