LOCKDOWN life has been made a little brighter by Pershore's answer to Banksy – with Acorn's Hospice set to benefit too.

Local artist Mr Sce, who created the mural on Pershore Town Football Club's stand, has decorated popular walking routes through the town with paintings of wildlife.

The detailed designs have been put together with shrink wrap bound around trees and spray cans, drawing a lot of attention on social media.

Mr Sce, an industrial gas engineer by trade, has been overwhelmed by the reaction and plans to preserve the paintings and donate them to the Worcester-based children's hospice.

"It has been crazy, I cannot believe so many people have engaged with it," he said.

"Normally no one ever sees any paintings and it has been so diverse because of the nature of the paintings, it has opened up the spectrum for people to appreciate them.

"Young and old have thanked me, it has been so nice and encouraging. I could never have foreseen it.

"I plan to make some frames to preserve them and then donate them to the local children's hospice."

The idea came from a long-standing hobby enjoyed during Mr Sce's upbringing in Evesham.

"I have always had an interest in art and started spray painting with a friend," he added.

"As life goes on, as with most hobbies, you run out of time. That's what happened with me until this recent lockdown when I could pick up the tins again and have a go.

"Just like everyone else, my wife and I have been going on a lot more walks than normal and I noticed people had done bits of art in the windows, kids doing posters.

"I thought it would be nice to do something and last weekend, when I had an opportunity to have some time off work, I started putting up some art on the route many people use for their walks.

"People walking their dogs or taking out their kids can have a little splash of colour, a pick-me-up in the day.

"Normally I would be painting walls and canvases, lockdown stopped a lot of that so I thought of a way to isolate myself and still make a canvas, hence the shrink wrap.

"Once it all gets lifted I probably won't do much unless the council wants something specific. It is purely temporary."