OBJECTORS to a plan to build more than 90 homes on the edge of Worcester say narrow roads in the area will not be able to cope with the amount of traffic caused by a huge urban extension of the city.

Concerns have been raised over a Rooftop Housing plan to build 91 affordable homes on the former Ketch car boot site next to the A4440 Southern Link Road in Worcester.

St Peter's locals and parish councillors in Kempsey have objected to the plan saying surrounding roads are inadequate to cope with the planned number of homes and local schools would not be able to manage.

One resident in Queenswood Drive in St Peter's said: "St Peters and Norton is already heavily built up, this will just increase pressure on the local schools and catchment area, add a strain to the hospital along with increased traffic and pollution."

The homes, which form one part of a huge urban extension, would be built between the busy Broomhall Way and Taylor's Lane next to another Rooftop Housing site and a St Modwen site which was backed by Malvern Hills District Council's planning committee last year.

The homes, like the other developments, would be accessed from Taylor's Lane.

Kempsey Parish Council has objected to the plans saying Taylors Lane was "inadequate" to cater for the number of homes being built, and due to be built, in the area.

The parish council also said the narrow road would not be able to cope with constant two-way traffic - particularly buses - and also had concerns that building the homes would add to flooding problems in Kempsey.

However, Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council said it supported building the homes but also had concerns over cars using Taylors Lane to get onto the A38 which would result in long queues.

The parish council was also concerned about the roads being used as rat runs to avoid the Southern Link Road.

Rooftop said the buildings will be a mix of one-and-two-bed flats and one-to-four-bed homes and just over 40 per cent of the land would remain as green space.

In September last year, Malvern Hills District Council’s planning committee approved plans to build 36 homes on a neighbouring plot between the A4440 and Taylor’s Lane despite fears it would cause problems on the narrow road.

Rooftop's plan would be just one part of a 255-home plan between the A4440 on the edge of the city and Taylor's Lane and several other huge developments which form part of urban extensions to the west and south of Worcester.

The major work also includes a massive £500 million, 2,204-home 'super village between St Peter's and Kempsey and two massive plans in Lower Broadheath near Worcester which total 2,365 homes.

Kempsey Parish Council said it feared the St Modwen homes would become isolated from the rest of the urban extension and said it was disappointed the plans did not seem to connect with other planned surrounding developments. It called the plans "extremely disappointing."