A CITY baker has given frontline workers at the intensive care unit in Worcestershire Royal Hospital a much needed boost.

Sam Barriscale from Ma’s Baker in Worcester answered the call to bring in some sweet treats to staff working at the hospital.

Team Leader Adam Llewellyn said: “The staff here are simply incredible and I wanted to show my appreciation and keep spirits high.

“I asked Sam if he could help and he agreed without hesitation.

“I bought the baked goods in for the nurses last week and they loved it. It is the little things like that that help when things are tough.

“All the staff here work so hard and are up against it day in and day out.

“A small token of appreciation goes such a long way.”

Mr Barriscale added: “Adam came to me wanting to source some treats for the staff at the hospital and all I did was throw in a few cakes for the nurses.

“There is nothing much any of us can do but stay at home to help them. Sending the cakes up to the nurses as a small token is the least I could do for the people risking their lives every day to keep us safe.”

This comes after we reported yesterday the number of people in the county’s hospitals with coronavirus is at its highest ever - data shows 224 patients were in hospital with the virus on January 5.