A WORCESTERSHIRE woman has expressed her concern for those who are shielding alone during the pandemic as Sainsbury's cancelled her food order and have not yet refunded her.

Deborah Snell, 57, from Suckley near Malvern ordered a food shop from the supermarket giant expecting it to arrive at her home on Saturday January 2 but it was cancelled due to snow.

A Sainsburys spokesman has apologised for the inconvenience but Mrs Snell says their policies could be damaging.

Mrs Snell said: "As a vulnerable person I am shielding and not wanting to go and visit a supermarket - hence why I placed the order with Sainsbury's online.

"I got a call from them on Saturday saying they couldn't deliver due to the snow, which was fair enough, they told me to expect a call on Sunday to rearrange delivery.

"But, that call never came, I had to get in touch with them. When I did get through they told me my order was cancelled, they refused to reschedule and said I would be refunded.

"I have now been waiting ten full days for the refund, which they claim is their policy, which is absolutely disgusting.

"It is not an issue for me per say, because I luckily have money in my account and family and friends who can pop to the shops for me.

"The reason I want to go public with this and hold them accountable is because of the people who aren't as fortunate as I am - especially during these unprecedented times.

"If this was an elderly or a vulnerable person who physically couldn’t go shopping, or someone who had no other money in the world this could be absolutely devastating.

"It could have serious consequences for people in different circumstances and Sainsbury's and their discriminate policies couldn't care less.

"Don’t get me wrong every keyworker has been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic and they deserve so much respect, but to be treated like this by a big chain like Sainsbury’s is absolutely disgusting.

"I for one will never be using them again and just wanted to warn others what they’re doing."

A spokesman for Sainsbury's said: "Due to adverse weather conditions we unfortunately had to cancel some orders. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and are investigating Deb’s experience."