SIR – I work at the Bilford [Road] tip. When I went back to work during this lockdown I was told by a colleague that some people were not taking it seriously.

He told me he had been seeing people coming three times a day.

I saw the same on the day I worked. Thankfully it was quiet but at times every car bay was full. It becomes difficult for people to socially distance.

There have been times following the first lockdown when we had to turn people away.

Most people are great and appreciative that we are open but some have turned aggressive.

A colleague was spat at for just turning someone away.

I wrote to my managers to express my concerns and they responded very quickly and politely.

I pointed out that Birmingham operate an appointment system which is much safer for staff and visitors.

The Health and Safety officer told me the company operates this in Herefordshire but she didn’t know why Worcester did not.

As someone working at the site I would ask the council to reconsider. The appointment system would be a big improvement.