YOU may have heard tomorrow is known as Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

Yes, this is the day when diets start to fail, our festive expenditure comes back to haunt us and pay day seems a long way, away.

Add to the mix the cold weather and current lockdown, then we may as well pull our duvets over our heads and stay in bed. Or should we?

Come on, we are better than that. I for one will go for a brisk walk to get the heart pumping and lighten the mood.

And, though I need to keep one eye on the scales, I may treat myself to some hearty winter comfort food. Apple pie and custard comes to mind.

After all Sky Travel, came up with the Blue Monday concept in 2005, saying it had calculated the date using an equation.

Hmmmm, wonder if they hoped it would encourage people to book a holiday?

Scientists suggest it is nonsensical and mental health charities claim it belittles depression and other mental illness.

So what are you going to do to combat the blues? Get on your bike, phone a friend, pat a pooch, sing in the shower, feed the birds, bake a cake, do an online workout, de-bobble your jumper?

Leave your comments below.