POLICE issued fixed penalty notices to those who attended an illegal car meet in Droitwich at the weekend, including to one who revealed she was a nurse.

West Mercia Police has tweeted about the action they took against those who took part in the event at around 11pm last night, despite the coronavirus lockdown instructions to stay at home and only to leave for an essential reason.

Police attended after hearing reports of the car meet and street racing in Droitwich, and on arrival officers discovered the car enthusiasts from Droitwich and Worcester.

The force tweeted that not only did they deal "robustly" with the traffic offences but added "we are in a national lockdown and those breaching Covid-19 legislation can expect a £200 fine.

"Officers issued 14 fixed penalty notices to car enthusiasts who arranged to meet up. One of those dealt with disclosed she was a nurse. #protecttheNHS #stayathome."

Although meet ups are not illegal, when not in a lockdown, meet ups are often treated as antisocial behaviour by police.

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In September we reported about Droitwich residents being plagued by boy racers, who were making their lives hell and leaving them in constant fear.

One woman, who was nearly knocked down by a vehicle attending a meet on Kidderminster Road in Droitwich, said: "The noise is horrendous, screeching, revving and backfiring - you can hear it across the whole town."

After that incident Worcestershire local policing chief inspector, Gareth Morgan, said: “We are aware of the concerns from our community over the periodic anti-social driving within the area.

“Our Droitwich Safer Neighbourhood Team is working with our specialist road policing unit and multiagency partners in actively seeking a solution to address the concerns of the community."

Meanwhile police have also thanked members of the public who reported a vehicle being driven erratically by someone over the drink drive limit in the early hours of Monday morning.

Tweeting a picture of the vehicle, the force said: "It was located in St John's and the driver arrested following a roadside reading of 112."