A MAJOR tree-planting programme in Worcester is being completed this week.

Over the course of this winter, 6,650 new trees have been planted, with the final few saplings being installed in Perdiswell Park.

The trees have been planted by a 10-strong team tasked with planting 4,000 native broadleaved trees in the park, the species having been selected by the Forestry Commission to maximise biosecurity and biodiversity.

A further 1,500 trees have been planted at Diglis Playing Fields to create woodland walkways and 600 at the Howard Road rec in St. John’s, creating a barrier with neighbouring houses.

The remaining 550 trees have been planted in several locations across the city.

Cllr Andy Stafford, vice chair of the city council’s environmental committee, said: "This massive planting programme will also help to reduce noise, flood risk and provide more shade in the hotter months.

"As anyone who’s tried it knows, tree planting is hard and painstaking work."

"I'd therefore like to thank all the staff involved."

The enormous tree planting programme has been made possible thanks to successful applications by Worcester City Council to central Government's Urban Tree Challenge Fund, which aims to support the planting of more than 130,000 trees across England's towns and cities.