A NUMBER of flood warnings are still in place for Worcestershire today.

There are also a number of roads that are closed due to the floods or roads temporarily closing for barriers or flood pumps to be installed.

These include:

Bransford Court Lane, Bransford

A443 Abberley to Newnham Bridge.

Shell Ford

Brook Lane, Cropthorne

Jubilee Bridge, Fladbury

Eckington Bridge

Ham Lane, Severn Stoke

Hanley Road, Upton

Bewdley Severn Side North

Bewdley Severn Side South

Walcot FordWaterside, Evesham

A44, Wood Norton (Severn Trent)

New St, Upton- Phase 1 and 2

Upton On Severn Dunns Ln- EA Gate Closures & Pumps Deployed

Upton On Severn Waterside- EA Gate Closures & Pumps Deployed

Worcester News:

Waterside in Evesham closed last night but is now re-open.

A44 Wood Norton near Evesham is also re-open with 2-way temporary traffic lights in place.

More rain is expected today and tomorrow.