A WORCESTERSHIRE councillor has begun sharing the filmed alleged insults he has been receiving from a fellow councillor in a ‘Handforth Parish Council’ style row.

Michael Thompson, a former Labour candidate for the Bromsgrove seat who recently defected to the Conservative group, has begun sharing clips of what he says are the insults of Councillor Peter McDonald.

In one of the videos shared on social media Cllr McDonald is heard saying: “There are only two things which I can dislike about councillor Thompson and that’s his face.”

And in another Cllr McDonald says: “If brains were lard could he even grease a frying pan?”

The clips were taken from a virtual council meeting of Bromsgrove District Council in December, and shared on Cllr Thompson’s Facebook, adding: “I’m going to do my best from now on to record all the insults the Labour leader throws at me from in council.”

In another of the clips shared Cllr Peter McDonald, a county councillor for Beacon and Bromsgrove district councillor for Rubery North, is also heard calling Cllr Thompson’s party, the Charford Residents’ Association, the ‘crap’ party.

The scenes filmed are similar to Handforth Parish Council's chaotic meeting that went viral, with councillors interjecting as Cllr McDonald speaks.

Cllr Thompson told us: “In the political arena it can get heated, but I don’t think it needs to get personal.

"We should get passionate about our politics, but my politics and what my face looks like are two very different things."

Cllr Thompson said it one of the good things there was now more exposure of what went on at council meetings, and what was being said.

“People can make up their own minds. He doesn’t like me, he doesn’t speak to me since I left the Labour group.”

Cllr McDonald said: “You have got to be able to take the rough and tumble of politics.

"He takes things as insults. He was saying something to me and in my response I just said (the face comment).

"In a democratic county people have the right to respond how they want to. If Cllr Thompson wants to take the truth as an insult that’s up to him.”