THIS week’s Crime Files is based on a man attacking his girlfriend with a paving slab and strangled her to death before taking his own life at their Worcester home.

Daniel Fedec unlawfully killed partner Malgorzata Marczak at their home in Debdale Avenue, Warndon Villages, Worcester, hitting her with a coping stone from their back garden before strangling her, an inquest into her death in Worcestershire Coroner’s Court in Stourport heard.

His clothes and the the paving slab, described as a coping stone, were found in the bed.

Mr Fedec, a 21-year-old factory worker and former Christopher Whitehead Language College pupil and Worcester College of Technology student who had been in the UK since arriving from Poland in 2006 was found in the garage of their home, having committed suicide by hanging himself.

Police became concerned about the welfare of the couple after they were contacted by Mr Fedec’s and Miss Marczak’s family, arriving at 3pm on October 6 2015 to find the property locked.

Gaining a key from the letting agent, officers gained entry where they found the bodies of the couple.

DC Gina Humphris, one of the investigating officers, said they found 29-year-old Malgorzata Marczak dead in the double bed of the main bedroom.

DC Humphris said: “The female had injuries to her head. She was found to be naked in the bed.

“There was also a set of clothing found by our scene of crimes officer underneath the cover of the bed.”

Mr Fedec was later found dead in the shed after taking his own life.

Following a post-mortem the cause of death for Miss Marczak was given as “manual strangulation”.

The medical history of both parties had been investigated following their deaths.

Miss Marczak was found not to be registered with a GP while Mr Fedec had been referred by his GP to mental health services but had not taken up the invitation to contact mental health teams.

DC Humphris said Mr Fedec had been prescribed medication for depression and anxiety.

She said: “He had reported to his GP that he had suicidal thoughts, yes.”

Miss Marczak was last seen by her sister at 9pm on Sunday, October 4 2015.

Mr Fedec was seen taking a taxi at around 2.30am on Monday, October 5, to a service station in Blackpole, wearing the same Adidas clothing later found bloodstained in the bed.

He bought Jack Daniels whisky, cigarettes and Red Bull. The taxi driver did not notice any blood on his clothes at this time, said DC Humphris.

Later that same morning he met a friend in Tolladine Road, Worcester who described Mr Fedec’s behaviour as “unusual and out of character”.

DC Humphris said Mr Fedec’s friend said he did not talk as much as he normally did and stared straight ahead, not making eye contact with him.

By this stage Mr Fedec had changed his clothes into the same clothes he was wearing when he was found hanging in the garage.

At 11.10pm that same morning he got a bus from Worcestershire Royal Hospital towards the city centre. He was captured on CCTV in Angel

Street before he boarded another bus at 11.30am back to Warndon Villages.

The couple had been together since around March, 2015, and there was no history of any violence in their relationship either from witnesses or on the police system, DC Humphris said.

Senior coroner Geraint Williams said: “It appears clear to me that Malgorzata Marczak was killed unlawfully and Mr Fedec took his own life.”

“Malgorzata Marczak died as the result of an unlawful act.”

He also said he was sure that Mr Fedec had intended to take his own life and that he did so.

His conclusion was that Miss Marczak was unlawfully killed and that Mr Fedec committed suicide.

The families of both declined to comment after the inquest.