POLICE have seized plants from a cannabis factory at a house in Worcester.

Three police vehicles, including a forensic investigation unit, are present at an address in Rodborough Drive, between Blackpole and Warndon, Worcester.

Officers were seen bagging up huge plants which created a strong stench that wafted over the street.

Our fourth photo shows what appears to be hydroponic equipment, used to reflect light to grow the plants, at ceiling height within what is a residential address. 

Police confirmed one man had been taken into custody in a post on Twitter which showed a large haul of plants. 

Nearby residents said they believe two brothers of Greek origin live at the property, renting it from a private landlord for the past year.

One said: "They are very quiet. To be fair the people who lived there before were a much bigger problem, they had hundreds of people in there.

"They just kept themselves to themselves, it was never a case of lots of people coming and going. They are as quiet as anything and nicer than the tenants before.

"They did not speak a lot of English, or at least that was what they made out."

Another commented that "the lights were always on, even early in the mornings" with the haul seemingly taken from a downstairs room near the front door.

"We know other people who have had issues with different people there (at the address) but not now," said another resident who suggested the address had gone through a high turnover of occupants.

"It is a shame because it is a quiet area. Most of the people around here know each other and we don't have a problem."