POLICE raided a house in Rodborough Drive, Worcester, on Monday.

A MAN has been arrested and bailed over the police raid on a cannabis factory at a house in Worcester.

Police confirmed "around 20 mature plants" had been seized from the residential property on Rodborough Drive, located between Blackpole and Warndon, Worcester, on Monday.

Three police vehicles, including a forensic investigation unit, were present at the scene following the arrest and a huge haul of plants was being bagged up while a strong waft was carried around the area by the wind.

One neighbour commented that "the lights were always on, even early in the mornings" with the haul seemingly taken from a downstairs room near the front door where the curtains were closed.

Local Safer Neighbourhood Team sergeant Carl Jones said: “Acting on information from the community we have disrupted this cannabis cultivation which is part of Protect – our response to tackling serious and organised crime.

“We want to make our communities even safer and will continue to act upon all information we receive from the community.”

The scoop led Chief Inspector for South Worcestershire Safer Neighbourhood Teams Gareth Morgan to post on Twitter: "Great work by the team responding to community concerns."

West Mercia Police confirmed the man had been "arrested and bailed pending further investigation".