Channel 4 hit show Gogglebox will be returning to our screens next Friday with a brand new season.

Many of us will tune in to see what the cast of the Gogglebox think of the week’s television with new episodes airing from February 26.

As always, the show will air at 9pm and we will welcome back favourites such as sister, Elie and Izzy Warner and Blackpool duo Sophie and Pete who entertain viewers with their hilarious one-liners.

It is common knowledge that stars of the show aren’t paid too handsomely for appearing on the show, but it appears they may not be doing too badly off the back of their popularity with viewers.

Research conducted by, analysed how much each Gogglebox star could make through their social media accounts and it turns out certain stars are making a fortune.

To work out how much stars of Gogglebox could earn through social media upugo analysed Instagram follower count, value per post and post frequency to work out a Gogglebox rich list.

And it turns out Yorkshire sister Izzie and Ellie have the highest earning potential, with the potential to be earning a whopping £1,137.64 per Instagram post.

Between them, the sisters could earn a staggering £607,017 per year between them if they both posted once a day, according to the research.

Brother and sister duo Sophie and Pete from Blackpool top the list when it comes to value per post -raking in up to £2,600 per post between them.

By posting twice a week it is estimated the pair could see a monthly income of more than £20,000.

Upugo’s Head of PR and Social, Beth Cook said: “These sofa stars have landed themselves in an ideal position – and I don’t just mean in front of the TV!

“They quickly stole the hearts of the nation for one reason – they’re real. They’re easy to relate to, they talk our language and for that, we love them.”

She added: “Unattainable Instagram lifestyles are a thing of the past. To see everyday people potentially bring in so much money from social media is testament to the rise of influencer marketing.

“Saying that, it was shocking to see many of the cast without accounts; it’s an ideal opportunity to put fame towards a solid income…I know I would if I had the chance!”

For a full breakdown of how much Gogglebox stars could be earning visit the upugo website.