WE have a big day ahead with the Prime Minister set to reveal details of the Covid roadmap out of lockdown.

We all wouldn't want to be in lockdown any longer than necessary, but hopefully the government will learn the lessons of the past, stay on the cautious side and get it right.

One thing I would like to see officially announced is a Covid vaccine passport.

That could potentially mean those vaccinated could, for example, go to a pub or restaurant and know they are there with others who have been vaccinated.

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I understand the arguments against, the fears it could discriminate and long term issues as it is still not clear how long immunity lasts.

But I'd counter that with the benefits. The hospitality sector would get a much needed boost, being allowed to open their venues much earlier than if they are forced to wait.

I'm in an age group where I'm likely to be getting my vaccine in the summer, so wouldn't be able to go in.

But I'd feel a lot better just seeing these venues trading again.

Plus it would also give those still sceptical on vaccines an incentive to getting it.