THE FAMILY of a Worcester woman who was reportedly found dead in her bathtub two years ago are still waiting to find out what happened. 

Tatiana Rzepka was 37 years old when she was found dead in her home in Saddler's Walk in 2019. 

On August 9 2020 police put a cordon around the home and forensic teams searched the home Mrs Rzepka shared with her husband and young daughter.

A 42-year-old man was arrested but later released. The Worcester News understands that the arrested man was Mrs Rzepka's husband, Tomasz Rzepka. 

Whilst the investigations were ongoing, Dorin Grecu, the nephew of Tatiana Rzepka, posted on Facebook group Worcestershire Crime Updates to say: “If anyone happens to know anything about the case, can you please inform us. No fictional stuff please.”

In response to the family reaching out, Detective Inspector Justin Taylor said: “We cannot even begin to imagine what Tatiana’s family are going through, particularly as it is nearly a year since her death.

“Our investigation began last summer and has included a referral to a forensic pathologist and numerous enquiries, which led to our searches last week.

“We are working with the coroner and doing all we can to ensure that we can give Tatiana’s family the answers they need and deserve.”

An inquest into the death of Ms Rzepka was due to take place on August 10 last year at Stourport Coroners Court, but did not go ahead. 

The inquest is currently scheduled to be heard on June 17 2021.