A COUNCILLOR has slammed “irresponsible” dog owners who fail to pick up their dog mess.

Malvern Hills District Council tweeted about employees for the council having to bag “29 big bags of poo from a 10 metre stretch in Upton [Welland Road] 10 metres from a bin grrrr one irresponsible owner.”

Cllr Martin Allen, who is a district councillor for Upton, as well as a parish councillor for Kempsey has said he is going to take action.

Cllr Allen said: “This is terrible behaviour and I’m very disappointed with the residents in Upton who fail to pick up after their dog.

“There is a bin within ten meters of the poo in the picture - we need to look after everyone from toddlers to the elderly.

“Residents have shown they can be responsible during the pandemic with sticking to lockdown rules so why can’t they take poo bags out with them?

“I’ve got a dog and I pick up after it.”

Cllr Allen has said he has contacted Malvern Hills District Council to look at more enforcement for culprits who fall foul of the law.

Cllr Allen added: “Taking enforcement action is the last thing I want but this behaviour needs to stop.”

The district council has responded further in a statement to Worcester News.

Cllr John Raine, portfolio holder for environment at Malvern Hills District Council, said: “We received numerous reports of dog waste on Welland Road in Upton-upon-Severn.

“One of our officers attended the site and found mounds of dog waste unbagged within a ten-metre area.

“This was then cleared and disposed of correctly. “Not picking up after your dog is very irresponsible and not only is it a health risk to others, it is an unsightly blight on our district.

“The council has the power to enforce a fine should we identify those not clearing their dog’s waste and we would encourage anyone with intelligence to report to us.

“There are multiple signs reminding dog owners to pick up their waste, so there is no excuse.”

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In June 2017, a Public Space Protection Order came into force in the district, meaning a breach could incur a £100 fixed penalty notice or going to court to be handed down a fine of up to £1000.

To report instances of dog fouling dog, visit: malvernhills.gov.uk/environmental-health/dog-fouling.