WORCESTER parents have had mixed reactions to the announcement that schools will receive government funding to allow them to run summer classes in a bid to help students catch up on the work they have missed.

The Prime Minister has said £400million will be set aside for schools, on top of the £300million cash injection in January following the third national lockdown.

Summer classes will be introduced for pupils who need it the most, such as incoming Year 7 pupils, while one-to-one and small group tutoring schemes will be expanded.

Boris Johnson said: "Teachers and parents have done a heroic job with home schooling, but we know the classroom is the best place for our children to be.

"When schools re-open and face to face education resumes on 8 March, our next priority will be ensuring no child is left behind as a result of the learning they have lost over the past year."

Worcester mum, Melissa Stephens said she would not send her children to summer classes as they deserve a break. She said: "The children have worked to the best of their ability through online work and live lessons. They’ve completed all work set, it hasn’t been all fun and games for the children. I’m personally very proud of my children and the way they’ve adjusted.

"They deserve the holidays, as do the teachers as they’ve worked through lockdown too."

Vicki Morrisey agreed saying: "No this is a horrible idea! Our kids have been through so so much this last year, the only kids in any of our history to have dealt with this they need a break. Kids have been home but they have been working. It’s so tough on them, let them have a summer free of stress and worry."

But Helen Mason-Bedford was all for the idea. She said: "I think this is going to a great option for those who struggled for various reasons.. why would you not want your children to catch up?"