A JEALOUS drunk who threatened to kill his girlfriend and “make her children orphans” has been jailed for two years.

Robert Taverner grabbed his then partner Christine Roberts by the throat and produced a knife, threatening to slit her throat, before getting her to call her former partners while he threatened to kill them.

The 42-year-old committed a similar offence 10 years ago, narrowly avoiding jail on that occasion after admitting attacking his teenage girlfriend.

Worcester Crown Court heard that Taverner has attempted to commit suicide since his latest crime, the horrifying attack on December 27 last year.

John Brotherton, prosecuting, said the defendant had been drinking that day and was at his Worcester home with Miss Roberts because he had asked her to stay there.

His behaviour then changed, shouting at Miss Roberts because he took exception to her former partners - the fathers of her two children.

Mr Brotherton said: “The defendant grabbed her by the throat. She managed to break free, falling to the floor.

“He left. He returned with a knife saying ‘I’m going to slit your throat and leave your children as orphans’.”

The prosecutor said he then made the victim phone the partners so he could speak to them, wanting to arrange a fight with the pair at Gheluvelt Park.

The first, Aaron Oliver, was called and he later told police Taverner had sounded drunk and threatened that he wanted to kill him.

In the second call, to Elliott James, the prosecutor said Taverner threatened to “snap his neck, slash his throat and smash his head in”.

The prosecutor added that Mr James managed to keep Taverner on the phone, calming him down so Miss Roberts was able to escape.

Mr Brotherton said that after being arrested, in interview Taverner admitted what he had done and said he was remorseful for the attack on Miss Roberts, but not for the threats made to the former partners.

Taverner was released on bail but was taken into custody in January after sending messages to the victim, when his bail conditions prohibited any contact.

In Miss Roberts’ victim personal statement, she said she was struggling to sleep, suffered from anxiety and didn’t want to go outside, fearing she would bump into Taverner.

Mr Brotherton highlighted Taverner’s previous conviction of a similar nature, when he was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence in September 2010.

In that case, covered by the Worcester News at the time, Taverner attacked his 17-year-old girlfriend with his hands round her throat, banged her head on the floor and spat in her face just as police broke in through his front door. When they attempted to arrest him, he charged at police officers.

Ilana Davis, defending, said Taverner, of East Street, Worcester, had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity for attacking Miss Roberts, and was sorry.

“He has tried to kill himself,” Miss David said. “He has ruined people’s lives, particularly Christine Roberts’. He knows he has to be punished, he feels remorseful at what he has done.

“He is not allowed to have contact with his son, and lost his job. He stays at home all the time.”

Taverner showed no emotion as he was told by Judge James Burbridge he would be jailed for 32 months.

“You seemed jealous (of the partners),” the judge said. “They did nothing to you. You grabbed her by the throat. You brandished a knife.

“She rang the two men, you threatened to kill them. The details are so serious a custodial sentence can be imposed.”

Judge Burbridge also handed Taverner a 10-year restraining order preventing contact with the victim and Mr Oliver and Mr James.

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