Worcester Live's chief executive, Sarah-Jane Morgan welcomes the return of the theatre.

"It was enlightening to hear theatres and venues mentioned so clearly in the prime minister’s roadmap after feeling rather overlooked at many points during the pandemic.

"We like other businesses in the area now have a date to work to, although of course we are very pragmatic that this is based upon several factors.

"It does however allow us to makes clear plans and a hanger on which to hang our costumes.

"The response from the industry has been mixed, some artists are full throttle ready to go and some are more hesitant and I suspect that will be reflective of our patron’s return also. Gentle steps together will get both the Swan Theatre and Huntingdon Hall back to pre-Covid operation and looking towards the future.

"We are very optimistic (as long as the government’s predictions go to plan) that the Swan Theatre doors will be reopening in May, with a season of shows that will offer everyone who has missed live entertainment the chance to come and experience the wonderful genre again this summer.

"We are now busily re-programing, selecting new shows and deciding on events, whilst once again working hard behind the scenes contacting customers with the inevitable reschedules for those shows which will now fall during our continued closure period.

"It may be some months away until our stages are once again bursting into action and auditoriums are packed but these small steps are really positive towards our recovery.

"I am delighted that our community groups will be back in the Swan theatre after Easter, (fingers crossed) and, once again, we will be able to enjoy seeing the building filled with people. We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone back. Visit www.worcesterlive.co.uk for all upcoming shows!"