A ROW has broken out between a housing tenant and a social housing association.

Chrissie Hopcutt, 35, who lives in a ground floor flat on Elgar Avenue in Malvern, has said she has an issue with mould in her home, including under the carpets, making it a difficult place for her to live with her two children.

Chrissie Hopcutt said: “We are sat in a damp living room where you can clearly see the damp even with a carpet and underlay on the floor.

“My son is two and other son is 10. My 2-year-old has to share with me because of the damp in his bedroom.”

Chrissie also said water is coming up through the floor from outside and there is no ventilation in the bathroom - factors beyond her control.

Platform Housing has said “no repairs” have been identified.

Marc Mayall, director of operations at Platform Property Care, said: “Our inspector visited her home and offered lifestyle advice; we appointed two independent companies to also inspect the property and report back their findings.

“No repairs were identified but some modifications were suggested.

“Platform have arranged for the modifications to be carried out as soon as is practicably possible given the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.”

One modification is installing insulated plaster boarding to help alleviate any potential cold spots.

Mr Mayall added: “ Ms Hopcutt has reported back to our team, that since she had been keeping her heating on for longer periods, the condensation levels in her home had dropped.”