The Worcester Cathedral is set to host ‘The Leaves of the Trees’ - a reflective memorial to the coronavirus pandemic.

The installation of 5,000 steel ‘Hope’ leaves is designed to honour those who have lost their lives, but also to allow everyone to take a moment to contemplate what we have been through and to think about loved ones.

The leaves will be laid out on the Cathedral floor, creating a beautiful impression of autumn leaves fallen from the trees.

A spokesman for the Cathedral said: “Appearing as though naturally scattered by the wind, the leaves symbolise the past and what has transpired. However, the leaf is also emblematic of the future.

“The project is designed to link directly to the sentiments of those who have experienced the pandemic, both those who have lost loved ones and those additionally or personally affected.

“The installation is designed to allow individuals and families and communities to take time to consider the past periods of lockdown and isolation, and provide a focal point for their thoughts and personal reflections.

“In short, a simple but moving artwork that will help create moments of connection and calm, allow reflection and prayer as well as being a relevant attraction for visitors to experience.

“The installation will be produced by an internationally renowned sculptor and artist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts member and member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors Peter Walker.

“Mr Walker, chose a sycamore maple leaf as it symbolises strength, protection, eternity and clarity.”

The installation will arrive at the Cathedral in August 2021.

You can now order your own Hope leaf, which will be produced individually and shaped by hand. You will also receive a certificate of authentication, signed by the artist.

Leaves are priced at £25 and a proportion of the profits support the work of the Cathedral.

For more information and to order your own leaf, visit

As of Thursday, February 25 in England 122,070 have died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus and 4,154,562 have tested positive.