A WOMAN who admitted biting her friend's finger, pulling her hair out and scratching her has been given a conditional discharge by magistrates.

Nicola MacDonald, of Foregate Street, Worcester, pleaded guilty to assault by beating when she appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court.

Mark Hambling, prosecuting, said the 49-year-old and the victim, who were friends and neighbours, had been drinking together at a flat with MacDonald becoming heavy intoxicated.

Mr Hambling said the assault sparked from MacDonald calling the victim a name.

"Miss MacDonald has then jumped on her," the prosecutor said.

"She held her on the floor, and a chunk of her hair was pulled out.

"She (the victim) asked her to stop.

"Miss MacDonald bit the victim's left index finger. She scratched her, but left no marks. Police arrived and arrested Miss MacDonald."

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Judith Kenney, defending MacDonald, said her client could not explain what had happened, was suffering from depression and had a history with alcohol.

Miss Kenney added MacDonald had been "by far the more injured' in the incident.

Magistrates gave MacDonald a 12 month conditional discharge, with chairman of the magistrates bench, Gareth Thomas, warning: "If you commit another offence in the next 12 months this will be added to the new offence.

"We are putting you on trust."

MacDonald was also told to pay costs of £135, and £22 victim surcharge, with the total of £157 to be paid at a rate of £30 a month.

The case was heard on February 25.