Residents are being urged to stay home and store their household waste where possible amid ongoing lockdown guidance during the pandemic.

Household Recycling Centres across Worcestershire have been busy over recent days with demand encouraged by good weather.

Councillor Tony Miller, cabinet member for the Environment, said: “We want to encourage our residents in Worcestershire to stay at home while we remain in lockdown and store their waste, where possible.

“The good weather at the weekend provided the opportunity for us to work in our gardens, and Household Recycling Centres across Worcestershire were extremely busy as a result.

“Sites at Droitwich, Pershore and Bilford Road, in Worcester, have had to temporarily close for periods due to volumes of traffic. All have since reopened.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are progressing options for traffic management arrangements at our Household Recycling Centres.

“But we ask people to remember the advice to stay home as much as possible to protect communities across Worcestershire from the pandemic.

“We’d urge people to be patient and co-operate with Household Recycling Centre staff who are working hard to ensure members of the public can use the sites safely.”

The call came after we reported concerns about traffic problems near to the Worcester centre.

Lynsey Drake, who lives near the tip, said: “On Saturday I twice had to queue to drive past the recycling centre. On both occasions I witnessed drivers going around the pedestrian crossing on the wrong side of the road, including a bus.

“The constant weekend chaos is both frustrating as a local resident but also a serious safety issue. This situation is an accident waiting to happen and needs urgently addressing.

“I have contacted the council this weekend to once again report my concerns”.

Sites remain open during the lockdown with several safety measures in place to protect residents and staff. Multiple residents have called for a slip road to be installed along the grass verge of the site on Bilford Road to avoid queues building whilst others say the centre should be moved out of the city entirely.