THE University of Worcester’s catering supplier is offering left-over food at a discounted price via an app.

The scheme, launched by Chartwells last month, aims to limit food waste on campus and lower the cost of food by using the app, Too Good To Go.

Chartwells deputy contract director Natalie Hamilton said: “Too Good To Go is a way of helping us make sure that we’re not wasting as much as we potentially would.

“At the moment, especially with lockdown, we’ve had items that we haven’t been able to sell. So, in the past we would have had to either throw it away, which is really sad to do, or donated it to a charity in Worcester.

“The app allows us to kind of put on a number of what we call magic bags of available items and were able to sell those at a third of normal retail price. So not only are we having a little bit of value for the wastage that we incur, but also providing food for those who might not be able to afford it at full price.”

The app also partners with chains such as Costa Coffee, Waitrose & Partners and Caffè Nero, as well as small local businesses.

John Butters, a partnership manager at Too Good To Go, said: “We’ve only been working at the university at matter of a couple of weeks and it think it’s important to state that despite the unusually low volume of people who are actually in the university due to the current pandemic, we’ve still been able to rescue 36 meals in the last couple of weeks.

“And what this actually means is 90kg of Co2 is saved, which is the equivalent of charging almost 16 thousand smart phones to 100 per cent charge and making 1,875 cups of hot tea.

“We’re really excited to work with you guys as a university and are really excited to see how it grows.”

Chartwells will be offering discounted food daily on the Too Good To Go app, which can be downloaded for iOS and Android.