PATROLS at a popular county beauty spot have been upped after barbed wire was found placed across paths to harm visitors.

We reported earlier in the week on an image - captured on the east side of Jubilee Hill - showing a long length of barbed wire stretched across a downhill path, which could snare a cyclist causing life-changing injuries.

West Mercia Police said through their Malvern Cops Twitter account: “Bike and foot patrols [out on the hills], following reports of barbed wire left across bike tracks on the Malvern hills.

“Anyone with information should call 101 with reference 0622_i_0703202.”

Members of the public Facebook group Malvern Matters have been reacting to the wire - including one worried parent.

Jenny Moloney: “I will warn my son because he likes going up on the hills. God forbid someone gets hurt.”

Jo Dwyer said: “This could seriously injure someone. I can’t get over the viciousness of it.

“I just can’t get my head around the mentality of someone who would do this. Now I’m going to be sick to death of worry every time my kids go out doing their hobby.”

“This is evil - whoever has done this needs to seriously take a good look at themselves.”

Zee Maylyn said: “Just why? How about if a child gets harmed?”

Michael Timney said: “Am I missing something or is this trying to cause as much harm as possible to someone who hits it? I’m trying not to think of the consequences of not seeing it at full speed.”

The Malvern Hills Trust, which manages the land, said it is “gravely concerned” over this type of behaviour.

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Beck Baker, community and conservation officer, said: “A warden attended the site and removed two sections of wire that had been placed across trails on the hills in the woods near to Holywell.

“We are gravely concerned to see the wire strung across the trails but are relieved that no one was injured by them.

“It is never acceptable for individuals to go out and place barbed wire like this across any path, route, track or trail on the hills due to the risk of causing injury or damage.

“Such behaviour puts anyone who comes to the hills at risk of injury.”