A 'DEDICATED and compassionate' care worker has been nominated for a Worcestershire Health and Social Care Award.

Leanna walker works for the Social Care Academy based in Evesham, a domiciliary care company providing care to people in their own homes across Worcestershire.

She was nominated for The Care Home Worker Award by fellow carer Peter Hancox, who said: "I've never met a person so dedicated to care work, her levels of knowledge with her own learning difficulties and her empathy and compassion to every single client is second to none.

"We work out in the community and she's always using her own time to find solutions to issues clients have, she's always trying new safe ways to work and teaching this to other care staff, and she's made the lives of many carers and clients easier and safer with her dedication.

"She uses her own time to help clients, and always works 80 hour weeks with little time off."

Responding to Peter's comments, Leanna said: "It’s really kind and I'm really grateful.

"I am hard working and I do try to help people with what they need, so it's really nice of him to say that."

Leanna was inspired to get into the industry due to the pandemic nine months ago.

She said: "I could see because of Covid that there was a really big demand and that people needed support in care, and I really do try and help people, it’s nice having that one-on-one with someone and seeing that you can make a difference to their lives."

Leanna, who has dyslexia, is currently doing her NVQ level 2 in care work.

She said: "Sometimes it was difficult for me with all the extra training and doing more course work, but I've managed to put myself through that and just kept going through it where a lot of other people might have given up."

Leanna said that winning the award would show that "all my hard work and dedication has paid off."