DRIVERS using the main road through Hallow face major disruption later this month when part of the road is closed for resurfacing work.

Worcestershire County Council has announced that the A443 Main road will be closed from its junction with the A443 Witley Road to its junction with the A443 Hallow Road from Tuesday, April 27, for just over two weeks.

The eastbound diversion will take traffic along Hallow Road, Henwick Road, Hylton Road, Hylton Road, Worcester Bridge, North Parade, North Quay, Croft Road, Castle Street, The Tything, Upper Tything, Barbourne Road, A449 Ombersley Road, A449 Main Road, A4133 Main Road, A4133 Holt Fleet and Holt Heath.

The westbound diversion takes traffic on the A4133 Holt Heath, Holt Fleet, Main Road, A449 Main Road, A449 Ombersley Road, Barbourne Road, Upper Tything, The Tything, Castle Street, Croft Road, Dolday, All Saints Road, Bridge Street, Worcester Bridge, New Road, Tybridge Street, Hylton Road, Henwick Road and A433 Hallow Road.

Exemptions will be permitted to allow access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access.

Meanwhile, for pedestrians comes news that part of the footpath that runs alongside the Severn in Northwick is closed for repairs.

Worcestershire County Council says that the closure is necessary as a result of surface damage and erosion of the footpath.

Repair works are expected to take up to six months and the footpath is unlikely to be reopened before the end of September.

A barrier and sign at either end of the affected section of the public right of way was erected last month.