A WORCESTER school hopes to be a “trailblazer” in tackling misogyny through its student-led Change the Narrative society.

King’s School, Worcester, sought to tackle the issue of attitudes towards women and girls in response to the murder of Sarah Everard in London and it instigated an overwhelming response from staff, students and parents.

The aim is to create understanding at every level, tacking subconscious sexism in a structured setting that is open to “all pupils and staff”.

Last week, the school said it would investigate claims made against it on the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website, a platform for anonymous experiences of sexual abuse and misogyny.

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A post highlighted the school over rules for skirt lengths and claimed girls were made to kneel for skirts to be measured but didn’t say when this took place but headteacher Gareth Doodes said measures to address sexism had already got underway.

“Following the tragic murder of Sarah Everard we decided to address the issue of misogynistic behaviour and attitudes in school," he said. 

“We are encouraging all pupils to change the narrative and understand that although all men did not take part in such behaviour, by our collective inactions we were all to an extent culpable.

“The reaction was heartfelt from all sections of the school community but especially girls at the upper end of the school who felt empowered to speak out.

“I received over 40 emails from pupils, staff and parents, all in support of taking a stance and shouting out male toxic behaviour in UK institutions.

“The subject moved from being taboo to being openly discussed in lessons and classes and our head of school Liv along with senior prefect Alice worked with other girls and boys to form a new society called Change the Narrative.

“This will meet at the start of the coming term and continue the discussion in a formal setting, open to all pupils and staff.

“In addition, to ensure we're fully embracing inclusion and diversity, the heads and senior teams across the three schools of the foundation will be looking at provision, practices, policies, literature, use of language and school rules to work to eliminate any conscious or subconscious bias.

“I'll be looking at my senior staff and how I can ensure inclusion and diversity is at the forefront of all our decision making.

“This hugely challenging period for girls I hope will be a sea-change in how all schools and institutions approach this issue.

“I am proud that King's has been bold and in addressing it head on, and that pupils and staff are working together.

“Ultimately, it needs strong leadership to help enact change in our schools and colleges, and together with my brilliant senior teams and superb pupils, we are determined to be a trailblazer school to make it happen.”