A WOMAN is attempting to track down a long-lost half brother who she believes was adopted at birth from Worcester Royal Infirmary in 1972.

Amanda Gallagher, aged 45 and from Bidford-on-Avon, only found out about the relation a decade after her mother’s death in 2010.

A conversation between her grandfather and brother Anthony after her mum’s passing came as a shock to the family with Amanda’s efforts heightened following the tragic loss of both men since.

The first sibling was named David John having entered the world on July 10, 1972. He was given his mother’s maiden name prior to adoption with his father’s name not registered on the birth certificate. They remain uncertain about his identity but have some information.

David was never brought home with her mum later having four more children, Amanda being the eldest of the quartet.

“It was all bizarre really, we were very close but she had never mentioned it,” said Amanda.

“My brother then died 18 months ago and it triggered me to thinking there was someone else out there.

“I thought I would be the best-placed person to tell him about us if he would be interested but back then, having lost my brother, I was not in a very good place to get my head around how to find him.

“The other issue is whether he wants to be found. If he does then hopefully he will see this.

“Whether or not he is aware of the name he was given before he was adopted, he will hopefully recognise the date of birth.”

Revealing the circumstances, Amanda explained: “My granddad – my mum’s dad – just blurted out something to my brother about mum having a baby.

“His mind would sometimes wander so I had to pick my moment to approach the conversation but he was really matter of fact about it.

“He said he had gone to pick her up (from the hospital) and from that we are pretty sure the baby never came home.

“All that he recalled was that he had picked her up and that she had been worried he would not speak to her again. He told her not to be daft but after the adoption it was never spoken about again.

“The only people that knew and are still here, mum’s family and a few of her friends, never met him. It was like he just disappeared and it was so weird to find this out.

“I explained we had never know and he had always thought we did.

“I need answers really, the main thing I want is to know he is okay and that he has hopefully had a good life up to now.”