WORCESTER MP Robin Walker has said it's important that the possible introduction of vaccine passports is given 'careful consideration' over how they can be used fairly.

Along with more than 70 MPs, West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin signed a pledge opposing the introduction of the vaccine passports last week.

Mr Walker said: "As we move to the next stages of unlocking the economy the government shouldn’t rule any options out to keep people safe.

"Vaccine passports aren’t something with precedent so it’s understandable that research is ongoing into their effectiveness. I hope there will be more information on how studies are progressing in due course.

"I think it's right that they're thinking carefully before taking steps to introduce them and they recognise this is something that hasn't been done before, if it is introduced it needs to be given careful consideration over how it can be done fairly.

"I think it's right that they're thinking carefully about doing it and I recognise that there are strong views on both sides."

Mr Walker also praised the the country's vaccination programme following the easing of lockdown restrictions this month.

He said: "It's a good thing as a country to see high levels of vaccination, and cases and deaths are falling.

"I know many of my constituents will be looking forward to being able to get back to the shops and get a proper haircut and I think it's something that we're all looking forward to.

"But it's always right if we are easing restrictions to do it based on the data and I think the reason we're able to be at this stage is because of the huge success of the vaccination programme, and it's important we stick to the plan in regards to what was set out originally."