A HARD working team leader has been nominated for a Worcestershire Health and Social Care award.

Kelly Riley works as a team leader for the domiciliary care company the Social Care Academy in Evesham.

Kelly was nominated for The Care Hero Award by her colleagues Stacey Jones, Tarah Gardner and Chloe Riley.

Chloe said: "Kelly should win this award as she is an amazing team leader.

"She has worked very hard every single day working with the community.

"She is a hard working team leader and care assistant, and she's very committed and gets things in place and moving.

"The atmosphere Kelly brings into the community is just amazing. She progresses clients and staff, updates everything, notices big and small changes and is just fantastic at her job."

Kelly has worked for the Social Care Academy caring for clients in Evesham for two years now, and said it's an honour to be nominated.

She said: "It's lovely and amazing to hear that my team have nominated me; I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

"I do my best for my clients and go above and beyond and I love my job.

"In my role as a team leader I do spot checks with the carers, make sure my clients have their medication as well as making sure they're happy and things are in place to benefit them.

"With the staff as well and my team that I lead, communication is a big thing and we all work hard together."

She added:"I worked in care many years ago and I wanted to get back into it again after having kids, and it’s a job I really love and you get to see a lot of different clients."

On what it would be like to win the award, Kelly said: "It would be amazing to win and it would show I'm doing something really well.

"I am very committed to my job and it's a privilege just to be nominated."