SUMAN Pitcher will look back on a decision she made a few years ago to take part in a local food and drink festival as one of the best she ever made.

She owns Suman Spices, a business which has been running in Droitwich since 2014, and which makes unique spice boxes.

Suman said: "I have a range of four spices boxes, each box containing the spices and blends needed for masala paste and many other dishes.

"Also you find a spice spoon, recipe and incense sticks included in a beautiful hand-painted wooden box.

My most popular spice box to make a masala curry base

"My most popular spice box to make a masala curry base"

"In Droitwich a few years ago, there was advertising for the food and drink festival, so I thought 'Let’s give it a go'.

"My stall had my boxes along with samples of curries for customers to try made from my spices. I also sold home-made samosas.

"My first food show was an amazing experience and a great success. The whole family was involved with the show. I was so happy on that day."

Ready to cook

"Ready to cook"

In common with thousands of other small businesses, Suman has been finding ways to keep going during an incredibly trying 12 months or so.

"I have recently been doing one-to-one cooking sessions with each spice box purchased and this has been a great success."

And Suman's spices don't just have an appreciative human customer base: "One of our customers bought the spice box for their dog as he liked spicy food!"

Sending a spice box to a customer

Sending a spice box to a customer

Suman still has ambitions for further success.

"I aim to do some cookery lessons once Covid restrictions have been lifted and my dream is to have my own Suman Spices cafe in Droitwich.

"I would sell Indian beverages and food and demonstrate cooking Indian food."

Not so much a case of thinking outside the box, but more one of what else can go in there.


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