THE accused in an alleged Worcester gang attack in broad daylight will have to wait before their grievous bodily harm trial begins.

We have previously reported how a group of men are alleged to have got out of two cars and attacked a 21-year-old at the junction of Wyld's Lane and Vincent Road in Worcester.

The alleged victim in the case suffered serious injuries and had to be taken to hospital following the incident at around 4.15pm on August 2 last year.

A trial was due to begin at Worcester Crown Court today but was adjourned for legal arguments, details of which cannot be reported. No jury has yet been sworn.

A jury is not expected to begin hearing evidence until Thursday.

The defendants are: Aurica Muti, 20, Ionut Tudor, 19, Remus Vladutoaia, 24, Cristi-Danniel Stefanescu, 20, and Marius-Anton Roman, 33, all of Poplar Road, Smethwick.

The three to four week trial is due to be heard by Judge Nicholas Cole in court one.