A Worcester woman celebrated her 106th birthday today with the help of her caregivers.

Evelyn Cooke, mother of three, said when she was presented with balloons and a bouquet made of her favourite sweets, 'What a fuss, all because I’m old'.

She celebrated the day with her son Andrew, 72, and her carers from local care provider Caremark.

A spokesman for Caremark said: “A member of the management team visited Evelyn a few weeks ago and during the visit, when Evelyn was asked what she was up to, she said in passing comment, not much but it’s my 106th Birthday this month.

"The comment went by and the conversation continued until the manager returned to office and realised what had been mentioned.

"106 is definitely something to celebrate and recognise. Caremark immediately started planning for her day, balloons, sweets and flowers have been taken round to mark the occasion."

Andrew added: "It has been difficult for mum being stuck in all the time. She doesn't really know how old is she is. But, it has been nice to see her this morning."

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