OFFICERS in Pinvin are appealing for witnesses and information after the Pinvin Pre-school was subjected to criminal damage which destroyed much of the children’s forest school.

Between 4pm on the 26 February and 8am 1 March, offenders broke into the pre-school school grounds at Pinvin Memorial Hall where they 'threw plants and pots around, destroying them and leaving them strewn all over the floor.'

Police say the offenders then gained access to the children's forest school and 'smashed various wooden structures and items for the children’s learning and enjoyment'.

Thankfully, someone in the community anonymously provided the school and the children with replacement flowers and plants.

Room Leader Jenny Richardson from Pinvin Pre-School said: “I would like to thank the person responsible for their very kind gesture which touched every single one of us here at the school.

"The children have planted the flowers and are really enjoying fetching water from the allotments and making sure the flowers remain healthy.”

PC Roleston-Lowe said: “The criminal damage is an act of mindless vandalism and selfishness and to target a pre-school and cause havoc for no reason, upsetting the children and the teachers is hard to understand.

"The pre-school is an important part of our community and as you can see when we visited the children, they were over the moon at the lovely gesture by a caring local person and yes, playing with the lights and sirens helped a bit too!

“While the incident took place a month ago we would ask that anyone who has any information that can help us identify those responsible for the damage please get in touch.

"If you can help with our investigation please contact us on 101 and quote incident number 22/15814/21."