CLIMATE activists took to the streets of Worcester this weekend for a “crime scene” demonstration.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Worcestershire performed a “climate crime scene” as street theatre in the centre of Worcester on Saturday.

The “crime scene” features a faceless councillor stamping bits of paper at their desk, ignoring the warning signs of what is to come.

People beg for help but when their pleas go unanswered, they fall to the ground and die. Forensic investigators in Hazmat suits move in to examine the bodies.

They issue death certificates which list extreme heat, food shortage and air pollution as causes of death.

Andy Lyon, from Malvern, helped write the performance, and said: “Our crime scene is designed to show the real dangers of delaying action on the climate crisis until it is too late.

“We want to make it clear that the people in positions of power, like our county council, need to act with urgency.

“The survival of future generations is in their hands. People around the world are already suffering from extreme weather right now.

“Here in Worcestershire, we are already experiencing increased flooding, and there will be many more consequences in the future, like food shortages, extreme heat and toxic air and water. To ignore the dire predictions of scientists across the world is just plain irresponsible.”

The protest, held in and around Cathedral Square, saw chalk outlines of bodies, as in a crime scene, with members of the activist group holding up signs calling for climate action.

Mr Lyon added the group is again calling on Worcestershire County Council to declare a climate emergency and set a net-zero carbon target of 2030.

He said: “It’s so frustrating because the county council could show leadership by declaring a climate emergency and setting an ambitious plan to reach net zero emissions by 2030 at the latest.

“This is an opportunity to create good, sustainable jobs and a fairer, greener world for our children. Instead, the council only discuss climate change at one meeting per year. It really isn’t good enough.

“County council elections are coming up, and the people of Worcestershire will be looking for candidates who take the climate emergency seriously.”

“By failing to recognise the danger that lies ahead, the county council will turn Worcestershire into a climate crime scene. Those in power need to act now. By ignoring the warning signs, they are condemning future generations to suffer.”