ST JOHN'S has been one of the safest seats for the Labour Party on Worcestershire County Council for some time now with Richard Udall representing the division for decades.

The St John's stalwart has seen victory after victory in the division and was re-elected with 57 per cent of the vote in 2017 - more than 500 votes ahead of the Conservatives.

He was also last elected to the city council to represent St John's in 2019 finishing 630 votes ahead of the Conservatives - picking up 57 per cent of the vote.

Owen Cleary, the former chairman of UKIP Worcester, is now standing for the Conservatives in the division.

He's no stranger to elections in St John's having stood for UKIP against Richard Udall in 2019 in the city council elections - finishing third and more than 730 votes behind Labour - having come third in Bedwardine in 2015 and having twice failed in Warndon to grab a seat on the city council.

St John's has remained firmly loyal to Labour for years and despite the Conservatives remaining the closest challenger to Labour and performing well in surrounding wards – particularly Bedwardine in both city and council elections as well as St Clement and the county council's Riverside division - anything over than another victory for Labour would come as a shock.

It's a five-way battle in St John's for a place at County Hall with Peter Jackson for the Liberal Democrats and Heather McNeillis-Wilson standing for the Green Party.

Mark Davies is also standing in St John's for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.

Empty shops and the redevelopment of the High Street, green spaces and public transport, congestion in and out of the city, the lack of a completed ring road and with the ‘village in the city’ being right on the door step of the ever-expanding University of Worcester, the rise in student accommodation and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) all remain major issues.


“St John’s has that real community feel about it and as your county councillor I would do all I can to protect and enhance its unique reputation as the village in the city.

“The area does suffer from a number of problems including congestion, parking issues and litter and dog mess.

“If elected I would seek to find ways to address all of these by working positively with the community and the city council.

“I believe that the area could do with someone who can offer a new perspective and fresh approach and I am ready to offer that.

“As a Conservative I would also work to keep your council tax bill as low as possible and I would work to ensure that the council always delivers excellent value for your money.”


“Peter has lived on the west side of Worcester for over 35 years. He is the director and co-owner of a conference and incentive agency.

“Peter’s focus is about building sustainable communities that are safe for residents to live, work and enjoy. He wants to work with everyone who has a stake in the future of the city to take decisions that are benefit all. To build homes for families not banks of executive housing, to ensure we have the schools, GP surgeries and leisure facilities we need for all residents. Peter’s priorities are to listen and understand the changing needs of the people, keep roads safe, reduce congestion and improve public transport, place sustainability at the heart of everything, and improve the life chances of all residents through high quality and lifelong education and training.


“I have lived in Worcestershire for nine years, moving to Worcester City in 2018.

“I have four children between the ages of four and eleven who attend school in St Johns.

As a non-driver, I regularly use the walking routes around our city and support promoting the improvement of the city’s walkways and cycle paths.

“We also need to see improvements in public transport that will give people more choice in how they get around the city, as well as reducing pollution.

“I support initiatives to improve our outdoor spaces, planting more trees and making the spaces more usable.

“This will help improve the mental and physical well-being of our residents.”


“St John’s is my home, its where I was born; it’s where my family have lived for generations. It’s where I work, rest and play. Naturally I want the very best for St John’s and its residents.

“We need investment in new jobs, opportunities and infrastructure. We need better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. We need improved parks, play areas and recreation, we need to bring the fun back to St John’s. I have sponsored Dines Green FC and Dines Green Dance; I have secured a new Meco memorial park and will be bringing Didi Rugby and basketball to the area.

“We also have serious issues to tackle, such as long housing waiting lists, litter, anti-social behaviour and traffic congestion. We need to complete the orbital road with a new road bridge to the north of the city. We need to invest in new facilities, a local pub and post office for Dines Green and new specialist and interesting shops for St John’s.

“I want to continue to see a strong and vibrant local community.”