A RETIREMENT home has found new ways to engage their residents during the pandemic.

Norton Hall’s activity coordinators have been arranging for visitors of all shapes and sizes to bring some joy to the pensioners staying with them.

Eric Marshall, co-owner of the care facility in Norton, said: “We are constantly looking for different ways for our residents to engage with the world around them. If we are not taking them out, we are bringing the world in.”

The facility, in Woodbury Park, has had horses and dogs at the home, courtesy of the care team.

Mr Marshall added: “Such is the teamwork amongst the staff they all work hard together to ensure the residents’ days are filled with joy.”

Mr Marshall said he felt the animals made a special connection with the residents, adding: “It strikes a chord with staff and residents alike.”

Audrey Ligthert, a resident at Norton Hall, said: “I had a lovely day meeting the horses and it brought back a lot of memories from when I was a little girl”.

One of the carers in the home, Tiah Spencer, said: “It brings joy to the carers working here too.”

Prior to the recent lockdown, the children from Norton pre-school would visit the care home once a fortnight, and Mr Marshall said residents were missing that.

“The biggest impact we have is when we have children and animals come into the home. These can only be resumed after the ease of lockdown but have started to arrange garden centre visits too”. Mr Marshall and his business partner, Jon Allen, have owned the facility since 2015. Norton Hall have prided themselves as a home with a family feel and the activities of the residents are of the upmost importance. Mr Marshall said, “We have worked really hard with the staff to make the home a place we would want to live in. We are passionate about what we do and are truly blessed to have such devoted and caring staff who are always willing to go the extra mile to make the residents feel at home and fill their day with happiness.”