A CITY resident claimed he spotted a ‘UFO’ hovering over his garden over the weekend.

David Whittall claims the ‘UFO’ was above his garden in Spetchley on Saturday morning and described it as ‘the weirdest thing he has ever seen.’

He said: “My wife Becky was in the garden around 8.40am on Sunday morning and she called me out to say she could see something overhead.

“I managed to get some photos and video using my phone which fortunately has a decent zoom on its camera.

“The unidentified flying object was segmented into six outer silver round shapes with a darker centre.

“It kept manoeuvring into a vertical position to horizontal and back again then after a couple of minutes it disappeared.

“It was travelling south towards Malvern.

“It was moving quite quickly and I would estimate the size to be roughly 5-6 metres in diameter.

“The only explanation I can come up with is it could have been a weather balloon, however they usually look like a traditional balloon shape and this was a complex structure.

“When I told my son about it, he said he has seen the same object in the skies above St. John’s.

“It was very strange, I’m not suggesting it is an alien invasion, but it is certainly the weirdest thing I have ever seen.”

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