A KIND-HEARTED Worcester business has stepped in to sooth the heartache of a grieving mum whose children’s graveside memorials were stolen three times.

Stonemasons of Worcester on Hylton Road heard about the appeal to raise funds for Mechelle Abbott who has seen a trio of monuments taken from the resting place of daughter Sanaa and son Kasin at Astwood Cemetery.

“I am over the moon and still in shock to be honest,” said Mrs Abbott.

“When I was told I actually fell apart, I couldn’t believe someone would go out of their way to do something so kind. It really is amazing.

“It is hard to put it all into words, my girls are really happy.”

Mrs Abbott admitted to being “blown away” by the support, not only from Stonemasons, who have given her the choice of how it will be marked, but also an offer to pay for a memorial outright.

“We had another gentleman contact us who was happy to pay for whatever I wanted as well,” she added.

“I have got in touch to thank him and let him know about the kind offer from Stonemasons but I was absolutely blown away.

“You always hear about the bad things that happen, crime and the different things that go on, but you never hear about the good.

“It is so nice to be able to tell the story of people who want to help out others. I am so grateful.”

Zoe Cox-Adams, director at Stonemasons, said: “I read Mechelle’s story and really felt for her.

“Unfortunately I hear stories of this from other families that we’ve worked with which is why I always recommend personalising removable items such as vases. Once it has a name on it’s no good to anyone else.

“I really wanted to help and fortunately I am in a position to do so.”