A UFO expert has come up with an explanation for the unidentified flying object that was spotted in the skies above Worcester.

David Whittall claims a ‘UFO’ was above his garden in Spetchley on Saturday morning and described it as ‘the weirdest thing he has ever seen.’

He said: “I managed to get some photos and video using my phone which fortunately has a decent zoom on its camera.

“The unidentified flying object was segmented into six outer silver round shapes with a darker centre.

“It kept manoeuvring into a vertical position to horizontal and back again then after a couple of minutes it disappeared.

“It was travelling south towards Malvern.

“It was moving quite quickly and I would estimate the size to be roughly 5-6 metres in diameter.”

However, UFO investigator and former police officer Dale Collett, from Worcester, said the object was just a foil balloon.

He said: “My interest in UFOs started after hearing the accounts of sightings witnessed by my family in the 70s of vibrating silver spheres in the daytime and lights in the night sky flying a zig zag pattern.

“Now, I’m at the state where I’m pretty convinced UFOs are real.

“ Family have seen them, friends have seen them and far too many professional people have seen them.

“However, I’m grounded about this sighting as people can be too eager to believe. The report of the UFO over Spetchley was a child’s helium filled, flower shaped balloon and nothing more.

“Although, even I was initially amazed as it looked so strange and not a normal ‘balloon’ shape.

“But after a while, a friend mentioned that it could be a balloon from the frontal view, so I looked again... Then Google searched ‘helium filled flower balloon’ and there the explanation was.

“It was an easy mistake to make.”