A THIEF  has been caught on CCTV stealing display items made by someone with severe learning disabilities.

Wotahoot arts and crafts store, part of the Rainbow Hill Centre on Astwood Road, had exterior display items stolen such as crocheted flowers  by a woman on Saturday.
The incident was not reported to the police as the director, Kirsty Broadbent said:  “The items stolen were not of monetary value. They were of sentiment. To take something that doesn’t belong to you is just wrong”. 
The articles stolen were made by individuals with learning disabilities who  visit the centre. Mrs Broadbent, 51, said, “If the person who has taken them could just bring them back. The items were made by someone with severe learning disabilities. For someone to take it for themselves is selfish”.
 Mrs Broadbent said the display had been put up to “Brighten the environment and get to know the local community”. 
She added, “I would have expected someone to vandalise rather than steal. It’s just wrong. I don’t think the person is aware of how much hard work goes in to something like this. Simple things can be challenging for our service users”. “. 
The family-run business is now appealing to the public to retrieve the stolen items. 
Posting on Facebook, they said, “We caught this on CCTV and have provided a screenshot of the incident and the items that have gone missing. If anyone has any information on this/knows who this is then we would appreciate being notified as we are keen to get the items back.”
The store added; “The railings are higher which which makes it look like the person is quite small but I think they are an adult and we have some quite clear shots when we zoom in”.
The Broad Group Ltd, has been committed to helping adults with autism and challenging behaviour in Worcestershire for the last 35 years. The craft store is its latest venture to help individuals to feel socially included. 
The range of services has evolved over the years and now in addition to residential care it provides supported living, domiciliary care service and day opportunities for deaf adults with autism.
In a final appeal, Mrs Broadbent said, “If the person who stole the items would now like to return them, perhaps we could help her to make something similar herself which she could hang on our display for the enjoyment of all”.