THE inquest into the death of Worcestershire woman Brenda Venables has been delayed due to the ongoing police investigation.

Monday was due to see the start of the inquest into the death of Mrs Venables, who was reported missing in 1982 from Kempsey.

However, the ongoing police investigation means it will instead be heard on January 27 next year at Worcestershire Coroner's Court.

In July 2019 we reported how villagers had been left shocked by the discovery of human remains at a property in Bestman’s Lane.

The bones were discovered during a routine emptying of a septic tank at Quaking House, owned by the Venables family, and police later revealed they were the remains of an adult woman.

In the December, police said they had finished DNA testing of the bones, but did not confirm the remains found were those of Mrs Venables.

And since then the investigation has gone quiet, with the disappearance of Mrs Venables still remaining one of the county’s biggest mysteries.

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