PATIENTS at a GP practice in Ombersley were quick to defend the surgery after it faced criticism for vaccinating youngsters before everyone over the age of 50 had had their jab.

Dozens of people commented on our story saying that Ombersley GP was running one of the best vaccine centres in the county and was often able to text people at the end of the day to offer them left over vaccines.

However, there were concerns that this may mean that it is a postcode lottery as inner city GP’s have not been reporting a surplus amount of Covid-19 vaccines. Could it be that those in rural areas are receiving the vaccine faster than those in the city?

We put it to the Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and asked if the vaccines are being fairly distributed around the county.

A spokesman for the CCG said: “National supply of vaccine for first doses has been variable over the last six weeks, with opportunity to access vaccine at short notice being used to supplement the second dose supply.

“Across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, practices are working together to take on any additional vaccine supply and deliver it equitably around the two counties.

“Where and when these additional supplies are allocated can sometimes depend on whether it can be moved around the system quickly and safely, and whether there is sufficient staff resources to administer vaccines at short notice.

“No area or county has any advantage over another and no one that is eligible and wants to receive a vaccine will miss out on receiving one.”