The Worcester Festival has announced a new project in association with the Worcester Foodbank to encourage the public to donate more to the charity.

The Worcester Festival Pear Tree Project are encouraging people to get involved from 14 August by submitting poetry and thoughts on charity in the community via their website. They are also asking people to create pears from recycled household materials to hang on a giant tree outside of Worcester Cathedral.

Worcester Festival Director Chris Jaeger said: “We are so excited about this year’s project and we hope that lots of people create a leaf or pear (or both) and learn more about community and charity and the environment and how we can all make a difference. The project has also been launched to local schools with lessons about the project themes to further engage the community in this brilliant project.”

Templates for poems and thoughts can be downloaded from the festival's website. The creations can be posted to the Worcester Festival on Trinity Street, or can wait until the festival to hang the creations yourself. They will not be accepted prior to this.

The project is in association with Worcester Foodbank, who fed up to 9800 homeless people in 2020. This is a 20% increase in demand in 2019 and with the figure on the rise within the last four months, the charity needs further support. Food donations are also being accepted at the cathedral up until 30 August. All tinned, non-perishable items are welcome.

Mr Jaeger said, “We are very proud to be able to support the Foodbank with this project and are honoured we can display the creations in such a magnificent building and tie in with the Cathedrals other events that will be taking place in the Cathedral during the Festival.”

Established in 2003, the festival has aimed to bring the community together with a range of activities and celebrate the people of Worcestershire. A statement from the organisation's website said, "The Festival is for the people of Worcester, Worcestershire and the surrounds. It is a series of partnerships between large cross-sections of the community. It is a coming together of people of all ages, creeds and race. It is an opportunity to stage an event, or to attend a large selection of both professional and community events. It is a celebration of life and of Worcester, Worcestershire and its people”.