A WORCESTERSHIRE company which developed a coronavirus immunity test is calling for health workers to come forward to find out if they have the right antibodies.

Bio-diagnostics, based in Upton Upon Severn, has developed a “biocard” test which checks for “spike” antibodies in the body.

These, according to boss Simon Mico, can give a clearer picture of immunity than the existing covid-19 tests, which only tell an individual if they had the virus on the day they took their tests.

Mr Mico highlighted the need for healthcare workers such as those going into care homes to know if they have the right level of immunity, and called on more of them to come forward and get tested.

To help more NHS workers access the tests, Bio-diagnostics is offering a discount via its website.

With this, health care workers can get their testing kit for £34.95, less than the normal cost of £99.95.

The test is done by pricking the end of a finger and sending the blood sample away for analysis. Once the test is complete, the Bio-diagnostics laboratory aims to return all tests within 72 hours.

According to the Upton-based firm, the immunity test is the only ultra-rapid test in the world with near-100 per cent accuracy.

Although the offer is for the NHS, other key workers including carers in care homes, the police, teachers, and other keyworkers.

Mr Mico said “As we exit lockdown, and discover for whom the vaccine has not worked, I think it is critical we now offer those who work in high exposure risk jobs have access to an accurate test that can provide an indication of if their vaccine worked, and how well.”

“We know those in the NHS and Carers are often in daily contact with people potentially carrying the virus, finding out if they have strong levels of spike antibodies, allows them the reassurance that they are much less likely to both contract the disease, or pass it on to other patients in their care.”

“The vaccines have really put the virus under pressure, but everyone knows they aren’t perfect. We know from official data, that 1 in 10 people vaccinated still got ill.

“Studies, and our own results, now show that a disproportionate number of people over 65 don’t have positive vaccination outcomes.

“If we ask why, and realise it was because they didn’t make the spike antibodies in response to the vaccine, we are then well in the path to understanding why an immunity test (three weeks or so) after a jab is the next step to maximise the success of the vaccination program.”

To find out more about the Bio Card, go to https://covid19biocard.co.uk/product/covid-19-biocard-nhs-key/