You might know everything about Worcester in Worcestershire- but how well do you know the Worcester in South Africa?

There are so many places in the world that share the same name as our humble city- so make sure you don’t accidentally book a trip to our sister destinations across the pond.

According to Geotargit, there are 10 places in the world named Worcester and they can be found in four countries throughout the world.

Each of these areas has their own unique populations and attractions to explore.

We have tracked down some of these exotic towns and villages in the world that are also called Worcester to see how they compare to ours.


There is a ‘Worcester’ in six America states- Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York and Missouri.

In Massachusetts, Worcester is one of the more centrally located cities- and it was named after our very own Worcester.

It’s a culturally rich destination, with its own museums and iconic buildings.

It was first incorporated as a town in 1722 and officially made a city in 1848.

According to the 2010 census, the city’s population was 181,045.

Worcester, MA, is actually home to a lot of notable people including poet  Stanley Kunitz, celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian and Erik Sullivan who played Dewey on Fox Series Malcolm in The Middle.

Worcester City Museum in the UK V Worcester Art Museum, MA

There are plenty of things to do in the Worcester across the pond, including visit the Worcester Art Museum, Tower Hill Botanic Garden and Boynton Hall.

They also have their own university, The University of Massachusetts Medical School.

South Africa

Worcester News: Worcester in Cape Town (Photo: Google Maps)Worcester in Cape Town (Photo: Google Maps)

In South Africa, there is a Worcester in both Western Cape and Limpopo.

28 February 1820 is the official date for the establishment of Worcester in Western Cape.

It is the largest town in the Western Cape’s interior region and has a well-established shopping and commercial areas.

Unlike our Worcester, the one in Western Cape is surrounded by mountains and the Stettyns mountain range lies to the Southwest.

There is a township in Worcester named Zwelethemba, where a violent protest broke out in1985.

Several students were shot and a student named Nkosana Nation Bahumi was one of the first students to be killed due to the protests.


Jamaica’s Worcester is a town in the region of South Catherine.

Not too much is known about the area, other than that it is around 14 miles from the country’s capital, Kingston.

Saint Catherine Parish is one of the largest and most economically valued parishes on the island.

It’s also home to Spanish Town railway station which is on the list of designated National Heritage Sites.