THE city council's Labour leader has blamed the 'national mood' for the party's disastrous performance in the local elections which saw the Conservatives secure an overall majority.

Labour's leader Adrian Gregson, who was successfully re-elected again in Worcester’s Rainbow Hill ward on Saturday, said local Labour candidates could not compete with the "tidal wave" going over the country.

Cllr Gregson expressed his disappointment at losing some of the council's and party's longest standing councillors Roger Berry and Joy Squires.

Labour lost four seats on Worcester City Council losing previous strongholds Gorse Hill, Nunnery and Warndon to the Conservatives and the Arboretum ward to the Green Party.

"I'm very disappointed to lose some really committed, energetic councillors who were at the heart of their community who have been caught up in a national mood swing," Cllr Gregson said.

"They have done real sterling work in their wards and across the city to improve and to develop the best interests of their communities.

"I don't think you can say that this result is an indictment against them, it's the fact that there's a mood in the country which basically says you can turn your back on any sort of corruption or sleaze that might be going on.

"They celebrate the heroes of the NHS throughout the pandemic by voting for a party which essentially brought the NHS to its knees before the pandemic.

"We are seeing the results of that just within the local area.

"I don't think you can compete, as a local councillor, when that kind of tidal wave takes over the country really.

"What we will do now is rebuild, regenerate and continue to represent our communities as we best we can and ensure that we hold the parties who are in control to account to deliver the best for our community."